Homework Suggestions :Tips on How to Get Homework Help

When you have just finished a full day of school, practices, and a family commitment, the last thing you want to do is to worry about is schoolwork. However, you may end up with 30 minutes to an hour of homework per subject at least three to four times a week. You have to know how to handle this workload.

Successful Suggestions

Use a planner-use either a hard copy or electronic planner for writing down assignments. This planner should be small enough to fit into your backpack, but big enough to have room for writing down your assignments. If you can get one with pockets, then you can place your handouts there.

Have a dedicated workspace-you can not do your work at the kitchen table or on your bed. You need an area that is your own. It should have a good light, an area for writing, and all the necessary supplies. You need to be able to leave out your work, and not have to pack it up every night or worry about people messing with the work.

Have a note buddy– there will be times that you will miss school. Keeping up with assignments is hard enough when you are present, but when you are absent it is almost impossible to keep up with your work. In each class that you take, have a note buddy. If you are absent you can get the missed work and notes from this person. You can then return the favor if your note buddy is absent. You will want to get his or her email and phone number. When you are absent, call or email them and ask them to update you.

Seek help if you are struggling-if you get too far behind or you do not understand a concept, then you may need to get help. You can work with a peer tutor, hire a tutor, go to see your teacher, go to writing and math lab, or hire a writing club. There is plenty of help for you to turn to when you are struggling. There is no shame in asking for help, the problem comes when you do not ask for help, and you get too far behind to catch up. Know when to ask for the help you need.

Look ahead -it may be difficult to look ahead at your subject, when you have trouble keeping up with your work, but if you can ever read ahead or do extra help, then you will benefit from this. Make good use of any extra time you might have, and you will see results immediately.

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